This video,, can also be seen at Hero Lab produced an Animated SEO Video created using Animaker – The WIX SEO Hero Challenge to rank your website the highest for the keyword SEO Hero and the title.Wix has challenged the public! They’ve told us, "We’re going to create a new Wix website optimized with the search term "SEO Hero". You’re invited to create your own website (feel free to use any platform). If your site ranks the highest for that search term in 4 months’ time, we’ll give you $50,000. Yes, it’s that simple."we accept this challenge by WIX – "SEO Hero". We should lift this keyword on the No.1 on the google. We are accepted this challenge because they think that they are the best in SEO and no one.An SEO Hero is an experienced SEO who has been able to bring smart and creative solutions or information to the SEO Community. An SEO Hero can be national or international but in any case, he is always recommended by most of his professional peers, sharing valuable information, tips or advice through social networks, forums, blogs, conferences.According to Moz’s 2014 industry survey, site audits are one of the top activities for SEO agencies. And our survey respondents. on SEO tools per month The State of PPC 2015/2016 from PPC Hero.Wix will award the winner of the SEO Hero Challenge the following prize – $50,000. seo hero extension seo hero extension it’s small addition for browser Google Chrome which allows you to follow new publications and to open interesting materials according to your taste.Wix has just stepped into the blogging arena with their own brand called SEO Hero School and I was pretty excited about this.. I heard the viral marketing happening all around but I never bothered to look until one day, I got an outreach email from them which got my attention.SEO Hero : Worldwide search engine optimisation challenge The 16.11.2016, Wix, the editor of the free CMS well known, launched the biggest SEO Contest ever organized. The challenge is pretty simple, rank better for "SEO Hero" than Wix the next 13/15 march 2017 and win a 50,000$ rewards.How Often Should I Be Building Calculators? Using calculators and tools to build links fits within your “hero” content production cycle. Depending on your content budgets, your development of tools.