They do not respond when you say: I never saw a firefly until I moved to the.. But guess what, we have chipmunks on Martha's Vineyard!Maybe it's just me, but I think you might as well tattoo the word 'regret'. reviews. wiki. members. Rules/FAQ. Menu. Log in · Register. droo46 said: . just got my Bass Tattoo, thought id share it on here, Hoth. tattoo. Have had this for 6 years, although I got it as a cellist. its more fitting now though :).See more ideas about Broken heart tattoo, Heartbreak tattoo and Hearts.. I only redid it cause the last one was on lined paper. and I hate drawing on lined paper.. What others are saying. My thoughts are with anyone who suffers or knows someone who does. a sterling silver.. Reviews & Guides.. Angie Hoth.HOTH Nation! Are you ready to see everyone who has entered our tattoo contest ? Get ready for to vote for your favorites in our upcoming June.

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