This video,, can also be seen at gorgeous national parks posters you see above honor some of the most beautiful places in the United States, but they also represent the trip that inspired our founder to build Framebridge! Here’s our Founder and CEO, Susan, with the story:Sotheby’s INSTITUTE OF ART The remaining nine works in the studio series depict kim’s wildest imagination about movie production studios. The use of a vivid palette symbolizes the imagination and creativity behind a screenwriter’s mind. This series inspired the title for the show Behind the Scenes of Your Fantasy.The Making of the "More Color, Please" Wall . The story behind our wall, an interview with Mr. D, plus a big update to our houston mural guide!. What inspires you and your art? life inspires me and the people that I meet along the way play a big role .A glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes in my art career: studio shots, creating merchandise, exhibitions, art installations, and more.June 27, 2018 In Behind the Scenes, Business, Business – Design/Art, Coffee, Design, General, Ideas, Packaging, Spotlight Defining Your Brand’s Personality Through Illustration Color, shape, movement, imagery, emotion, brand recognition, sales- illustration is a great solution for capturing and conveying the unique qualities, feelings, and emotions of your product on its packaging design.One local group, Dohm Collective, is a group of friends whose skill sets range from audio and visual production to performance art and behind-the-scenes management. The group “met and organized under the idea of providing a space for radical self-expression,” DJ Matthew Zuppardo, aka Zupparty, said.This book is interesting ,gave me some good ideas. I wish I was a less messy artsy person but then I read this and found out we mostly make messes as we create but to tidy thing away where they can be found quickly helps keep the mess down.Lots of good ideas for this and an interesting portrayal of how others use their studios.If you were inspired by his work last week, I can assure you you’ll be blown away by this one, too. Before I dive into his thought process and work, I’ll make a brief introduction. Kern is an.